Types of License Plates in South Dakota

Explore the Variety of License Plates

South Dakota offers a diverse range of license plates to suit different interests, organizations, and personal preferences. Whether you want to display your support for a cause, showcase your unique personality, or opt for a standard plate, we have you covered.

Standard Plates

Standard license plates are the most common type issued in South Dakota. They feature a distinctive design and provide essential identification for your vehicle. Learn about the requirements and how to obtain standard plates.

Custom Plates

Customize your license plate and make it truly unique. Discover the process of obtaining personalized/custom plates in South Dakota, including application guidelines, restrictions, and available options for customization.

Specialty Plates

Express your support for a cause, organization, or special interest with specialty license plates. From honoring veterans to promoting awareness, there are various specialty plates available. Learn about the different categories and how to obtain them.

Choose the license plate that best represents you and your interests. Discover the possibilities and express yourself on the road with a license plate that stands out.